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The objective of ‘Prabhavi’ (means ‘effective’) is provide assistance in Effective Implementation of RTE Act 2009 in all Government schools across the Gurgaon district

In this process, we constantly admit the fresh children into nearby govt. schools and check the attendance rate of enrolled students in last calendar year as well as to check the progress of student’s daily behavior and regular studies in government schools.

Execution of Project phases in following ways

1. Mission Admission for every year:

To admit the fresh children into nearby govt. schools. At present two government schools are our target points i.e. Molahera govt. school and Carterpuri govt. school. Admission process is based on the norms of RTE Act 2009.

2. Monitor progress of enrolled students:

to check the attendance rate of students enrolled last two years (2010, 2011) under the RTE Act and monitor their progress of studies and daily behavior. Maintain reports/records in soft/hard copies format.

3. Assistance in Teaching/Training/Administration:

Provide assistance in teaching classes in school if it is needed and we have adequate resources

4. Projected Outcome:

a) Get details of admission process and search target children (drop outs, fresher) via surveys or community participation
b) Admit them into nearby school and maintain records
c) Check and maintain the status reports of enrolled students
d) If any discrepancy found i.e. irregularity, higher dropout rate, low attendance or lack of effective teaching practices in school then make effective communication with teaching staff and parents/guardians of students

Through Project ‘Prabhavi’ (means effective implementation of RTE Act 2009 in all Govt. schools across Gurgaon) we are constantly communicating Govt. school of Molahera authorities and teaching staff for hassle-free admissions of all migrant children of village Molahera.

Moreover, with this project ‘Prabhavi’ we are pointing two things:

1)  Admissions through RTE provisions and  monitor the progress of enrolled students
2)  Assistance in teaching/ Teacher’s training and career guidance for govt. school students
Working with Govt. schools (like Molahera Govt. school) for their effective functioning – this is prime motive of this project under ‘Prayatna’