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What is it

Name of the project: “School of Excellence”


Objective(s) of the project:

“School of Excellence” (SOE) - Under this scheme ‘remedial classes’ have been running for all students in the evening shift. All students are enrolled in nearby schools and after their school timings they join the ‘remedial classes’ on daily basis.


Main objective lies in concept of providing formal (academics) as well as our unique In-Formal scheme of education for overall development of child in form of ‘Remedial Classes’ where all children are engaged to be a good, ethical human being and alert-awake and responsible citizen of country. A holistic approach is designed for complete mental, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of child.


Key features of program “Remedial Classes”:

Children are identified based on periodic surveys conducted by Prayatna team once a target area is finalized

Enrollment of children is done in nearby govt. and/or private schools. Enrollment is must of all the children come under the target audience

Engagement of enrolled children into SOE. After their regular classes in their respective schools children should come in “remedial classes” of SOE

Once children are formally engaged into SOE they must undergo the special education program of “remedial classes”

Remedial classes is based on implementation of Formal studies (academics) and In-formal program (extra curricular, imparting inner skills and personality development)


Number of Beneficiaries:  around 225+ in two educational centres

Activities held :

To inculcate human values with keeping interest in education and development of good understanding of Hindi and English languages. Our educational program focused on imparting skills, abilities and manifestation of perfection already in a person. Most of the children are dropouts from govt. schools so our main emphasis will be re-admission of these children in the neighborhood schools on the basis of their potential and providing regular “evening remedial classes” as program structure is followed by “School of Excellence”


Art Classes and Workshops held by volunteers and corporate employees