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We at Prayatna

Prayatna consists of a group of individuals who could see beyond themselves.The Passion to do something for the society and the zeal to overcome all odds and bring about a much needed change in the quality of education provided at the primary level in the rural areas.

The core team consists a group of highly qualified and working professionals who spare their time to change the lives of those who are the future of our Mother Nation.We have the desire to revolutionize the Quality of education at the primary level by the introduction of innovative ways of teaching and learning.The necessity is to develop not just an educated citizen,but to produce a learned individual who can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

Star Volunteers

  • Sandeep


    Sandeep is part of Prayatna since 2009. He joined Prayatna as a student. He is our one of the brilliant students. He had won student of the year award in 2015. He is very good in academics and great in arts. He was an excellent learner and exceptional student. Presently he is volunteering as a coordinator. He also played role of our center coordinator. Sandeep has phenomenal management skills. His service for Prayatna as Organizer, Manager and Volunteer is unparallel.


  • Sonu Kumar

    Sonu Kumar

    Sonu Kumar-  (sports Coordinator) Since 2009 sonu is part of Prayatna, first as a students and now as sports teacher. His story is really motivating. He was a child labour working in a shop. His mother feel the need of his education and through her he joined Prayatna. Prayatna helped him with his elementary education and admission in school. Now he is professional sports teacher and Taekwondo Champion. Sonu is a man of multi-talented personality he is also a good actor. He participated in many dramas, Nukkad Natak, and Skits and won many awards. Sonu is black belt in Taekwondo and like him his students are also leaving their mark in every big events.


  • Neeraj


    Neeraj – Neeraj is part of Prayatna since 2017. He is head of Primary section and Junior Accountant. He is one of most enthusiastic, energetic and devoted coordinator of Prayatna. He is fully responsible for management of Prayatna primary section remedial classes. He managed many big events of Prayatna like – Clean India Campaign, Gandhi Jayanti debate program, Independence Day Program.


  • Dhirendra Pratap Singh

    Dhirendra Pratap Singh

    Dhirendra – Dhirendra joined Prayatna 2016, he had won many prizes in different musical events, CM of Haryana Sri Bhupendra Singh Hudda ji awarded him first prize. In a event of Maruti company he won prize money of 50,000 Rs. He is in final year of Bachelor of Indian Classical Vocal and Harmonium. In second year he scored first position in whole University. He have knowledge of many musical instruments – Piano, Harmonium, Guitar, Tabla and Dholak. During 2 years of his time span in Prayatna his students won total 8 major trophies and performed in many big platforms like – All India Radio and Gurugram Achiever’s Award.


  • Ayush Bansal

    Ayush Bansal

    Ayush Bansal has been associated with Prayatna at 2011-12 and worked as Vice-President of Prayatna till he founded his own organization Medhavi foundation. He is very energetic, dynamic and very focused on his Career Planning & Mentoring Programs for students. He was the pioneer of Prayatna's Career Counseling Program named 'Disha' and spreaded this program into the various govt. and public schools of Gurgaon and in his home town Dhanbaad (Jharkhand). His vedios that he had made with the students of Dhanbaad can be seen at the Vedio Gallery. Presently he is running his own company (iDC) which is focused on helping students choose the right career in which their potential is maximized. He is also mentoring Prayatna students of village Molahera.


  • Priyanka Maharana

    Priyanka Maharana
    "This world needs two kind of Super Heroes ones who know no fear and the ones who choose to volunteer”
    Priyanka Maharana, from Impulse (I) Pvt Ltd has been associated with Prayatna for the past 2 and half years and is a favourite amongst the students. She is involved in various volunteering activities and being a professional fashion designer she has always been very supportive to devise and execute costumes for the students at the cultural events. Also she loves writing her volunteering experiences on social media to encourage others to come forward and join the mission.
    We acknowledge her self-less, meaningful efforts and recognize h


  • Dr Damita Sharma

    Dr Damita Sharma
    Dr Damita Sharma had been with Prayatna-SOE as Chief Trainer and Coordinator for the period of two years dated 1st July 2011 to 30th June 2013 on its Project, “School of Excellence” at Molahera, Gurgaon and other one is located in village Kishangarg, New Delhi. She is the founder of "School of Excellence" Delhi centre.
    During this tenure of her work Dr Damita Sharma remained involved in her work dedicated. She is very active, confident, professional and a devoted team leader. She began the volunteering group from IBS College of Gurgaon and done various activities along with her IBS team inside the SOE campus and outside the SOE as well.
    She involved in overall management of &qu


  • Darshit Jaju

    Darshit Jaju
    Jaju Darshit Hariprasad worked as a volunteer/student-mentor at "School of Excellence" both centres of Molahera and Jharsa during the session 2013-14. He is IIT-Roorkee Graduate and very keen to participate in any educational activity that enhances key skill areas of students. He pioneered the Student Development Program and worked and developed some programmes for personality development with the Praneet Sushil, Chief functionary of Prayatna.
    The details of his work are as under:
    He was involved in teaching Geography and Mathematics to students from 4th to 8th Std. These were generally remedial classes for stu


Prayatna Team

  • Ram K. Mudholkar

    Ram K. Mudholkar

    President, Sr Member - Prayatna Governing Body

    Ramkrishna (Ram) Mudholkar has been involved with Prayatna School of Excellence for more than 6 years. He is acting as chief mentor for students enrolled in “School of Excellence” Child Development Centre of Gurgaon and serving as a senior member of Prayatna Governing Body in all management and administrative activities of Prayatna. By profession he was President, DuPont South Asia from January 2016 to December 2017 and Regional Business Director, DuPont Crop Protection, company’s largest business unit in India, from 2005 to 2017. He was also



  • Praneet Sushil

    Praneet Sushil

    Founder - President

    Praneet Sushil Founder of Prayatna School of Excellence society which has been working at urban rural areas of Gurgaon district and other places of Delhi-NCR region. Has been the Chief Trainer, Counsellor and Mentor of Prayatna. He does possess excellent social networking, interpersonal and leadership skills. He is the pioneer of various child awareness campaigns & development projects that have been carried out in Delhi-NCR region since Prayatna inception.

    He is focusing at policy implementation in govt. schools and assist in admissions through t



  • Dr. Sonali Saxena

    Dr. Sonali Saxena

    Co-Founder, Vice President

    She is a professor of Geography in Govt. College, Sector 14, Gurgaon and CoFounder of Prayatna School of Excellence. She has been the pioneer in various teaching initiatives of Prayatna. She has been leading the various initiatives of women empowerment and assisting growing age children to get enrolled in some vocational and skill development programmes once they complete their learning curve in Prayatna.


  • Shammi Alhawat

    Shammi Alhawat


    A Sr. Citizen and reknown social activist of Gurgaon have been involved with various educational and social activities of Prayatna and pioneer of various volunteering programs of Prayatna.


  • Atul Agarwal

    Atul Agarwal


    Software engineer in Gurgaon. Has excellent social networking, interpersonal and leadership Skills. Was part of the team teaching children in slums living across the college. Has a lot of enthusiasm towards social service and activities. He is a highly motivational speaker. Has managed to get attention of many senior personnel and is currently working to get sponsorships of corporate and societies.


  • Mohit Gupta

    Mohit Gupta

    Gen Secretary

    Software Engineer, Banglore. Has been associated in SCP-2008 program in Gurgaon and worked as coordinator for educational activities in public schools of Gurgaon. He is responsible for new Prayatna center in Molahera along with Kanan.


  • AshutoshTiwari



    Electrical Engineer and MBA from IBS, Gurgaon has been associated with Prayatna since its inception. He is mainly responsible for promoting and marketing activities of Prayatna. He is designated as treasurer of organization and done an excellent job of getting involved with management students for Prayatna activities. Many students have joined as part time volunteers by insipiranal words of his management skills.


  • Arvind Saxena

    Arvind Saxena

    Senior Teacher & Accountant

    Arvind Saxena has been associated with Prayatna Since 2012 and he is working as Senior Teacher & Chief accountant of Prayatna. He is very energetic, dynamic and very focused on Career Planning & Mentoring Programs for students. He is involved in overall management of "School of Excellence" Molahera & leading the team of volunteers for various activities held in all centres of Prayatna. Arvind has been teaching in Prayatna since 10th standard and after that teaching and learning became part of his life. His story is inspiration for man



  • Dr. Archana Singh

    Dr. Archana Singh

    Center Head Jharsa

    Dr. Archana Singh is part of Prayatna since 2016. She is Head of Prayatna Jharsa Center. She is one of most educated members of Prayatna. From very beginning of her career she was confident that she wants to devote her life to social work. She completed her Ph.D. in 2006 from University of Lucknow. In her own words “In my point of view working with Prayatna gives me an opportunity to serve the mankind .Prayatna gives me a chance to enhance the skills and quality of enormousily  talented kids.Day to day teaching experience also gives me strength and p



  • Anant Pandey

    Anant Pandey

    English Teacher & HR Manager

    Anant Abhay Shankar Pandey is English teachers in Prayatna SOE. Graduated from Delhi University. At the moment he is also pursuing B.ed from Maharishi Dayanand University. In his own words – “ I don’t like anything else except teaching. This is the only profession I can imagine myself since childhood. Being part of Prayatna is experience of lifetime for me. Here I got chance to use my caliber to its fullest. Teaching English to students who don’t have exposure of this language is real challenge and taking big challenges is what define my



  • A wonderful experience to get engaged with prayatna team, each time I meet to children, teachers and team members I discover I am exploring more about myself and at the end of day when I leave ‘school of excellence’ centre I feel

    Shammi Alhawat Patron, Chairperson, Social Activist
  • It has always been a great experience to see the performace of prayatna students; I appreciate the hard workbeing put by the prayatna team. Keep it up and we will catch you in our school programs

    Pushpa Dhankar Administrator, Delhi Public School, Sector 28, Gurgaon
  • Plays were brillantly acted by students, I am surprized by the amazing perfromance of migrant children. Ifthe chance is given to them they can make an impact at large. I would encourage the acting aspirants to gothrough our breaktocinema initia

    Raj Chauhan Haryanvi Actor and Producer
  • Congratulations team Prayatna for this first milestone! (on completing 7 years) For next five years Impulse-Prayatna association gets stronger. We are committed to upgrading the facility and teaching posiitons at SOE-Jharsa

    Nikhil Suri Director Impulse Corp., Gurgaon
  • I like to thank you and other members of the organising committee of Prayatna for letting us participate in the most enjoyable function. We hope to keep supporting you as much as we can

    Dr A. N. Bhat Senior Citizens Council, DLF Gurgaon
  • It is indeed my great pleasure to have met Praneet and Dr Sonali and then to have got associated with their excellent and dedicated initiative with "Prayatna School of Excellence'. During my 2 years association so far, I have seen t

    Ram Krishna Mudholkar Director, Dupont Corp. Gurgaon