Core Team Members

Our team consists of dedicated and committed individuals who are completely devoted for the realization of their dream of sending every child to school. All our team members are highly educated and working professionals who are applying their learned knowledge for this great noble cause.

Arvind Saxena

Arvind Saxena

Math Guru & Education Consultant

Arvind Saxena has been associated with Prayatna Since 2012 and he is working as Senior Teacher & Chief accountant of Prayatna. He is very energetic, dynamic and very focused on Career Planning & Mentoring Programs for students. He is involved in overall management of "School of Excellence" Molahera & leading the team of volunteers for various activities held in all centres of Prayatna. Arvind has been teaching in Prayatna since 10th standard and after that teaching and learning became part of his life. His story is inspiration for many students. He is graduated from Delhi University and at the moment he is pursuing MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management in Mumbai.

Inderjeet Koumar

Inderjeet Kumar

Science and Technology Head & Education Consultant

Mr. Inderjeet is currently pursuing B.Sc. Computer Science (Final year) and has been a part of Prayatna Orgnization for the past 2.5 years. He guides students towards practical implementations of Science & Technology and provides consultations to build projects on various domains.

Shiva Mishra

Shiva Mishra

Social Media Manger

Shiva is currently pursuing B.Sc. Computer Science (2nd year) and has been a part of Prayatna Center for the last 2.5 years. He started working here as a Social Media Coordinator and is now handling the digital strategies along with the making and management of Graphics.

Archana Singh

Dr. Archana Singh

Center Head Jharsa

Dr. Archana Singh is part of Prayatna since 2016. She is Head of Prayatna Jharsa Center. She is one of most educated members of Prayatna. From very beginning of her career she was confident that she wants to devote her life to social work. She completed her Ph.D. in 2006 from University of Lucknow. In her own words “In my point of view working with Prayatna gives me an opportunity to serve the mankind .Prayatna gives me a chance to enhance the skills and quality of enormousily talented kids.Day to day teaching experience also gives me strength and potential to serve better in future.”

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