All India Registered Society under Societies Registration Act 1860

Vision & Mission

Society's Objective

“To promote education among various sections of the society and to take every step in furtherance of the same including setting up of in formal schemes, development centers and all such activities essential to promote educational levels.”

In addition to promoting the education,  Prayatna's objective can be extended to provide all type of assistance to govt. and local administrative bodies in the process of ‘education reforms’ 

In order to meet the above goals we take various measures, tools and services on time to time like periodic surveys, setup schools, work inline with govt. schools, providing in-formal education schemes, measuring qualitative parameters in education schemes by govt., organizing various camps, awareness campaigns, effective communication with communities, conducting street plays and organizing cultural events to spread education.

We are in the process of providing solutions for their children education problems like proper enrollment, full access of education and their right to quality of education in neighborhood schools.

Our Aim - Good, quality and equitable education for all

Primary education is the most prominent and most challenging area, which should be focused today by all policy makers and activists. Same as admitted by Krishna Kumar, director of NCERT and Nandan Nilekani former CEO of Infosys in his forthcoming book on present India challenges named ‘Imagining India’.