Science and Technology Classes
STG Classes for Technical and Coding skills

Brief Description:

Prayatna’s STG (Science & Technology) Classes are aimed towards providing a well-functioning curriculum, practical applications to enhance logical intelligence and provide students with enormous opportunities to build projects on their own on multiple topics. These classes provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the contemporary world.

Exposure to these classes will help engage students in the practice of science, not just the study of scientific findings. In the long run, knowledge gained from these classes will provide favorable conditions for the country’s growth and increase healthy competition nationally and internationally.

Key Features of Program

  • Provision of practical exposure to students through activity-based learning and hands-on experience by building various scientific projects
  • Emphasis on application-based learning and logical knowledge of scientific theories by practically implicating the scientific and technological laws
  • Emphasis on developing initiative-taking skills in students by encouraging them to work independently on the projects
  • Coverage of a wider range of topics from different subject areas such as Smart technology, Waste management, Designing sensors, Climate change, Assembling robots
  • Use of locally available and easily affordable materials to make the projects environment friendly
  • To make students habitual of critically questioning “Scientific processes” instead of rote learning by taking it not only as a subject but as a puzzle that needs to be explored
  • Emphasis on developing Logic-based Experimental Thought Process

STG Gallery

Khel Yatra 2020 - Prayatna participated with full Zeal in All Athlete Events
"Mard Maratha" War Dance by Prayatna "School of Excellence" student's
Dr.Ashok Diwakar(Vice Chancellor of Starex University) giving review about prayatnaNGO
Prayatna Vasant Panchami Celebration 2019
PRAYATNA "School of Excellence" in Jharsa Village.
Gurugram Achivers Award Performance by Prayatna Music Team

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