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Journey of Act:

Congratulations to all Indian citizens that from 1st of April 2010 all children of entire country have got free and compulsory education in neighborhood school of their town or city.

Now it is the responsibility of the govt. that each n every child will be enrolled and will access the education without any cost bearing by their guardians or parents and ‘state’ will bear all cost and pain in this journey. See how big change can come with this step; what power we have got. Now every child have to be ‘in’ the school and now it has become his/her legal right!! It is Act now!!  And if we find any child roaming here and there and not even enrolled we can challenge it to the court!  We can check and challenge the progress of school, their quality standards, their bad infrastructure and even their teacher’s track record. But it is unfortunate that education has always not been among the top in priority list of this country.

See the process, statistics and willingness of govt. in this regard

What lacking -

In spite of these challenges the important thing is how common person behaves on this implementation – is he ready to participate in the process of nation building? Should it be the sole responsibility of state? We all will benefit of this act then why not we indulge in this process for every child of our surrounding. Law governs Education and law is equal for everyone. And now, it is the time for every child to get support to become good human being, intellectual and responsible citizen.