“Primary Education Program on Value based Skills”

Brief Description:

VidyaPeeth is primary education programme of Prayatna, NGO based in Gurgaon, which focuses on development of value-based skills in students. It targets students of age group 6 to 10 years, as these years are basis of learning life skills. Aim of this programme is to mix up traditional values of education with logical reasoning of modern times. Main motive behind VidyaPeeth is to inculcate moral values, spiritual resilience, power of conscience, and mental strength in students. It is destined towards bringing educational reforms as besides bookish knowledge, students are taught to be better individuals so that they would be able to work in efficient manner for future of our society.

  • Program is designed for standards 1st to 5th (age 6 till 10 years)
  • Based on Indian traditional education principles with modern values
  • Aiming for Character Education that promotes Moral Development.
  • Follow simple curriculum of Integration of “Moral Virtues” with Academics
  • Daily Spiritual Prayers with Yogic Exercises for developing Mental Abilities & pursuing Divine Consciousness
  • Book-Reading, Story-telling & Quiz based Arts Classes are the daily routine to improve Linguistic, Literary & Verbal Abilities
  • Special “Sunday Diary” Activity – 5 Hour long activity based program followed by Collective Lunch to harness Togetherness
  • Having guest faculties, invitees, tie-ups with social, religious groups for better understanding of Social Harmony, rich Heritage and Culture & Community Service

“This is the only Program that is meant for primary section and designed in aiming for Character Building among the children. Character education leads the moral development of child and must be the core part of the curriculum of the primary education and that is vital for child development eventually”

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