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STG Wins IoT Innovation Prize: 2022"

Revolutionizing Home Automation and AQI Monitoring.In a landmark ,achievement, the Science & Technology Group (STG) clinched the coveted first position and a ₹5000 cash prize from Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC) on National Science Day. Their groundbreaking research in applied physics showcased a remarkable fusion of innovation and practicality, particularly in the realm of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions

Spearheading the revolution in home automation, their projects like the "human rewrite" extension board and AQI monitoring system not only redefine convenience but also address pressing environmental concerns. Through their visionary approach, the STG team has set a new standard for technological advancement, signaling a brighter, more connected future for all.

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STG Sweeps National Science Day 2024"

Amidst the National Science Day celebrations in 2024, the spotlight shone brightly on the Science & Technology Group (STG), particularly individuals from the CSE & IT departments. Their outstanding projects, exhibited under the umbrella of Applied Physics, earned them the coveted first position. With three winners each receiving a ₹5000 cash prize, their achievements underscored the collaborative spirit driving innovation at STG.

These projects epitomized a seamless blend of innovation and practicality, exemplifying the interdisciplinary nature of modern scientific exploration. This triumph not only celebrated individual excellence but also reaffirmed STG's commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry towards a brighter future.

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STG Triumphs at Mission LiFE Expo 2024"

Amidst the grandeur of India Gate, the Science & Technology Group (STG) achieved yet another milestone in their journey of innovation. At the National Exhibition cum Awareness program on "Mission LiFE," their groundbreaking projects captivated audiences and earned them a prestigious shield.

Among these projects were the ingenious "double clap switch," the revolutionary "smart extension board," and innovative AQI monitoring solutions, among others. These projects showcased the remarkable fusion of creativity and practicality that defines STG's approach to technological advancement. Their success at the exhibition not only highlights their prowess in innovation but also underscores their commitment to making meaningful contributions towards societal well-being .

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"Youth for Seva: Community Champions"

Amidst the commendable efforts of various organizations dedicated to social welfare, Prayatna NGO stood out prominently as it received recognition for its impactful endeavors. The prestigious shield and Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Prayatna in the "Youth for Seva" program serve as a testament to their unwavering dedication and meaningful contributions towards community development.

Through their tireless efforts and relentless commitment, Prayatna has made a tangible difference in the lives of many, embodying the spirit of selfless service and social responsibility . This accolade not only honors their past achievements but also inspires them to continue their noble mission of creating positive change in society .

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Prayatna's Environmental Champion"

In November 2017, Prayatna emerged as an environmental champion, securing the prestigious Circle Transparent Award for their exemplary efforts as a "No Open Waste Champion." This accolade underscored their exceptional contribution to waste management, highlighting their steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. Through innovative initiatives and tireless advocacy, Prayatna has played a pivotal role in raising awareness about responsible waste disposal practices.

Their dedication and proactive approach have not only earned them recognition but also inspired positive change within communities. As they continue to lead by example, Prayatna remains at the forefront of the battle against environmental degradation, embodying the spirit of responsible stewardship for future generations.

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Prayatna's Voter Awareness Triumph"

In 2019, Prayatna clinched a shield at the"Walk-A-Thon" event, where they participated in a walk dedicated to voter awareness. This recognition marks yet another milestone in their journey towards fostering civic engagement and democratic participation. Through their relentless efforts, Prayatna has been instrumental in amplifying voter awareness initiatives, advocating for informed and active citizenship.

Their participation in the "Walk-A-Thon" not only underscores their commitment to promoting voter education but also highlights the importance of civic responsibility in shaping the future of democracy. As champions of voter awareness, Prayatna continues to inspire positive change and empower communities to exercise their democratic rights with confidence and conviction.

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Prayatna's Unity Remembrance Honor"

Once again, Prayatna has been honored with the prestigious Fream Circle Award for their remarkable contribution to unity and remembrance. This accolade, symbolized by the "Vishev Bandhutv Diwas Simriti Chinh," recognizes Prayatna's unwavering dedication to fostering harmony and commemorating shared values.

Their commitment to promoting unity echoes through their impactful initiatives, serving as a beacon of hope and solidarity in communities. As recipients of this esteemed award, Prayatna continues to embody the spirit of togetherness and remembrance, inspiring others to strive for a more inclusive and compassionate society.

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Prayatna Earns STAR-shaped Award from Tata Capital"

In a momentous achievement, Prayatna was honored with the prestigious STAR-shaped award from Tata Capital, a testament to their outstanding contributions and impactful initiatives. This recognition not only acknowledges Prayatna's dedication to making a positive difference but also reflects their commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of social welfare.

With this accolade, Prayatna continues to inspire and empower communities, fostering positive change and creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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Recognition for Educational Excellence: Prayatna's Frame from Shri Sakti Seva Sammaan"

Prayatna's relentless dedication to enhancing educational standards has been acknowledged with a prestigious frame from the Shri Sakti Seva Sammaan, conferred by the management team. This recognition underscores Prayatna's commitment to fostering better education, a mission that lies at the core of their endeavors. Through innovative initiatives and tireless efforts, Prayatna has made significant strides in improving access to quality education,

empowering individuals and communities to realize their full potential. The frame serves as a symbol of appreciation for Prayatna's impactful contributions in shaping a brighter future through education.

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Prayatna Triumphs with Shield on World NGO Day"

On World NGO Day, Prayatna emerged triumphant, receiving a prestigious shield in recognition of their impactful work. This accolade celebrates Prayatna's unwavering dedication to serving communities and effecting positive change. Through their relentless efforts and innovative initiatives, Prayatna has made significant strides in addressing societal challenges and improving lives.

The shield symbolizes their commitment to excellence and serves as a testament to their invaluable contributions to society. As they continue their mission of making a difference, Prayatna inspires others to join in creating a better world for all.

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Prayatna SOE Honored with Circle Frame from Khushiyan NGO"

In a heartening gesture of appreciation, Prayatna SOE was bestowed with a circle frame by Khushiyan NGO on the auspicious occasion of their 3rd anniversary in May 2016. This esteemed recognition underscores Prayatna SOE's unwavering commitment and commendable efforts towards societal welfare. Over the years, Prayatna SOE has exemplified dedication and compassion in their endeavors, striving to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

This honor bestowed upon Prayatna SOE on their 3rd anniversary serves as a source of encouragement and motivation to continue their noble mission of serving humanity with compassion and determination. As they move forward, Prayatna SOE remains steadfast in their commitment to creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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Prayatna Honored with Shield from Denic Jagran"

In a momentous occasion, Prayatna was bestowed with a prestigious shield by Denic Jagran, a prominent national news channel, as part of their "Rastra Jaan Desh Ka Sammaan" initiative. This esteemed recognition celebrates Prayatna's unwavering dedication and remarkable contributions towards the welfare and progress of the nation.

Denic Jagran's acknowledgment of Prayatna's endeavors on a national platform not only amplifies their impact but also inspires others to emulate their dedication and passion for nation-building. As Prayatna continues on its journey of making a meaningful difference, this recognition serves as a source of encouragement to strive for even greater heights in their noble mission.

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Mr. Praneet Sushil, Founder of Prayatna, Recognized as Change Maker of the Year in Education"

Mr. Praneet Sushil, the esteemed founder of Prayatna NGO, was honored with a shield by Icons of ASVA for his remarkable contribution as the Change Maker of the Year in Education. This prestigious recognition underscores Mr. Sushil's unwavering dedication and transformative efforts in the field of education.

Icons of ASVA's acknowledgment of Mr. Praneet Sushil's exemplary contributions as a change maker not only amplifies his impact but also inspires others to follow his lead in creating a brighter future through education. This certificate of recognition is a testament to Mr. Sushil's dedication and serves as a motivating force to continue his mission of making education accessible and transformative for all.

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Honored with Shield for Professional Leadership and Excellence by CSR Research Foundation"

Praneet Sushil, the esteemed founder of Prayatna, was honored with a shield by the CSR Research Foundation in recognition of his professional leadership and excellence. This prestigious accolade underscores Mr. Sushil's outstanding contributions to the field of social welfare and community development.

The shield serves as a symbol of appreciation for Mr. Sushil's visionary leadership and tireless dedication to driving positive change. Through his exemplary efforts at Prayatna, he has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to addressing societal challenges and improving the lives of individuals and communities. The recognition from the CSR Research Foundation not only highlights Mr. Praneet Sushil's achievements but also serves as a source of inspiration for others in the field. This shield is a testament to his exemplary leadership and commitment to excellence in creating a better and more inclusive society.

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